Pancreatic Tumor-Targeting Stemsome Therapeutics (COVER)


Jun-Young Park, Jun Young Park, Yong-Gyu Jeong, Joo-Hwan Park, Yeon Ho Park, Sang-Hyun Kim*, and Dongwoo Khang*

Owing to the intrinsic ability of stem cells to target the tumor environment, stem-cell-membrane-functionalized nanocarriers can target and load active anticancer drugs. In this work, a strategy that focuses on stem cells that self-target pancreatic cancer cells is developed. In particular, malignant deep tumors such as pancreatic cancer cells, one of the intractable tumors that currently have no successful clinical strategy, are available for targeting and destruction. By gaining the targeting ability of stem cells against pancreatic tumor cells, stem cell membranes can encapsulate nano-polylactide-co-glycolide loaded with doxorubicin to target and reduce deep pancreatic tumor tissues. Considering the lack of known target proteins on pancreatic tumor cells, the suggested platform technology can be utilized for targeting any malignant tumors in which surface target receptors are unavailable.