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Dongwoo Khang, Ph.D.

Dongwoo Khang, Ph.D.

Tel) 032-899-6515

E-mail) dkhang@gachon.ac.kr

Professional Experience & Positions

  • · Professor of Physiology (2014~Current)

    College of Medicine, Gachon University

  • · Program Manager of Drug Discovery

    National Research Foundation (NRF), 2021-2023

  • · Project Leader of Stem Cell and Bio-Medical Technology

    Supported by NRF, 2019-2023

  • · Director of Ectosome Research Center

    Supported by NRF, 2022-2026

Awards & Recognitions

  • · “10 Basic Researcher" Awarded by National Ministry of Science and ICT

  • · National R&D Excellence and Top 100 Award by National Science and Technology Commission (NSTC)

Editorial & Academin Contributions

  • · Associate Editor of International Journal of Nanomedicine (2010-current)


  • · Published over 100 nanomedical articles in reputed journals including Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Advanced Science and others.

Academic Experience

  • · PhD of Physics, Purdue University, USA (2006)

    Major: Nano-Medicine

    PhD Thesis: Adhesion protein adsorption and bone cell growth on carbon nanotube composite materials

  • · MS of Physics, Seoul National University, South Korea (1999)

    Major: Nano-Photonics

  • · BS of Astronomy and Physics, Kyung Hee University, South Korea (1995)