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Dongwoo Khang, Ph.D.

Warm Welcome to the Ectosome Research Center!

In 2022, we proudly inaugurated the Ectosome Research Center with funding from the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology in South Korea. You may be wondering: What are ectosomes? How do they differ from exosomes? We invite you to explore our website for detailed answers and a clearer understanding of these concepts.

Our center's foundational philosophy and paramount goal is to discover novel biomarkers and specific or combinatory receptors for the treatment of intractable tumors. This includes challenges posed by metastatic stages and even those cancers resistant to current treatments. Our approach harnesses the potential of stem cell-derived ligands.

Our dedicated team is committed to this mission. The fruits of our research are intended to directly benefit those grappling with some of the most challenging cancers, including pancreatic, lung, and brain cancers, and their metastatic stages.
We sincerely appreciate your interest. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions.

Warm regards,

Dongwoo Khang, Ph.D.
Director, Ectosome Research Center