Ectosome Research Center - Recruitment Notice

Position Graduate Students & Researchers
About Us At the Ectosome Research Center, we harness the power of nano and cell therapy technologies to address intractable tumors and immune-related diseases. Our pioneering research has led to the publication of over 100 SCI papers in the realm of nanomedicine.
Achievements Consistent contributions to top-tier journals, including Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, and ACS Nano and etc.
Research Focus We are keenly interested in convergence therapy leveraging immune cells and stem cells.
Join Us If you're passionate about groundbreaking research and are intrigued by the prospects of convergence therapy, we encourage you to reach out. This is your opportunity to be part of state-of-the-art research that can make a difference.
How to apply Contact by e-mail
Hyun-Kang Kim :
Dongwoo Khang Ph.D.

DirectorDongwoo Khang Ph.D.

Tel) 032-899-6515