Mutual Destruction of Deep Lung Tumor Tissues by Nanodrug-Conjugated Stealth Mesenchymal Stem Cells (COVER)


Sang-Woo Kim, Yeon Kyung Lee, Jeong Hee Hong, Jun-Young Park, Young-Ae Choi, Dong Un Lee, Jungil Choi, Sun Jin Sym, Sang-Hyun Kim*, and Dongwoo Khang*

Lung cancer is a highly malignant tumor, and targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs to deep lung tumor tissue remains a challenge in drug design. Here, it is demonstrated that bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells armed with nanodrugs are highly targeted and mutually destructive with malignant lung cancer cells and successfully eradicate lung tumors tissues. Using this approach, the current clinical dose of anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of malignant lung tumors can be decreased by more than 100-fold without triggering immunotoxicity.